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ChiliProject 3.0.0beta2 released

We are proud to announce the second Beta release of the upcoming version 3.0.0 of ChiliProject. Since the release of the 3.0.0beta1 we have fixed some bugs mainly in the areas of caching and the theme.

We also added some new awesome features. We now have more flexible issue filters which allow to filter date ranges and restrict the project scope of queries. We also added a more flexible handling  of emails which is a bit more secure and will allow us to add some more advanced e-mail integration later.

The watchers functionality was heavily extended. It is now possible to add watchers to wiki pages , forum threads, and documents. And you can now bulk-edit watchers of issues.

As previously, we have already updated our own ChiliProject to the new Beta. That said, please be advised that this release is neither feature-complete nor considered stable. Instead it is considered an old-style Beta, not a Beta-cause-it’s-cool (I’m looking at you, Google…) Please download this release, install it in a testing environment, play with it, and report any bugs or missing features. But please don’t install it on your production environment right now without knowing what you are doing (and having a backup).

Download ChiliProject 3.0.0beta2

What’s included

3.0.0beta2 fixes some bugs  and add various features found in the previous Beta. It also contains all features and bugfixes of the previous 2.6.0 release as well as several features and bugfixes of the upcoming 2.7 release.

The full list of changes are below:

  • Bug #558: Reduce version information from Help link
  • Bug #774: Gravatar on issue#show is at a weird position
  • Bug #778: Textile Caching breaks Liquid
  • Bug #780: Setting Cache is not invalidated properly
  • Bug #783: Link to new issue on issues list displayed although user is not allowed to create issue
  • Bug #791: Allow SSL in POP3 in receive_pop3 task
  • Bug #797: Wiki page list is shown as one long list and not a nested one
  • Bug #798: Sidebar design looks bad
  • Bug #807: History elements overlays revisions in Issues
  • Bug #815: Inconsistent margin used for gravatars
  • Bug #827: Group issues by the Status field
  • Feature #672: Allow queries to include subproject issues
  • Feature #674: Change outgoing email to be sent-per user and not as a single BCC email
  • Feature #790: Allow plugins to register custom static and lazy evaluated variables
  • Feature #792: Confirmation emails when an incoming email is submitted
  • Feature #796: Filter issues based on a date range
  • Feature #799: Watch documents
  • Feature #800: Allow non-members to watch issues
  • Feature #801: Bulk adding issue watchers
  • Feature #802: Allow groups to watch issues
  • Feature #805: Set watchers on a wiki page
  • Feature #806: Set watchers on a Forum or Forum Thread
  • Feature #808: Show description changes on issues in a diff
  • Feature #809: Bulk add and search for projects when adding a member

Included from the upcoming 2.7.0 release are the following changes:

  • Bug #819: RAILS_ENV is not properly set if running under thin
  • Bug #822: Initial journal creation fails because of the missing log_encoding of Repositories
  • Bug #823: Plugin in new directory not picking up Gemfile

Contributors to 3.0.0beta2

  • Eric Davis
  • Holger Just
  • Gregor Schmidt
  • Jérôme BATAILLE
  • And everyone I forgot… You are all awesome!

In closing, go and download ChiliProject 3.0.0beta2 now.