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ChiliProject 1.3.0 Released

The 1.3.0 release of ChiliProject is now finished and ready to be downloaded. This release is the third release in our 1.x stable line of code and is suitable for use on production websites.

Download ChiliProject 1.3.0

What’s included

1.3.0 includes only 3 bug fixes but one of them is a potential security vulnerability. It is recommended that all production websites are upgraded as soon as possible.

  • Bug #309 The login screen after lost_password redirects back to lost_password after you login
  • Bug #347 Potential Security Vulnerability – Execution After Redirect
  • Bug #352 Errorpage should be modified

Contributors to 1.3.0

I’d like to thank all of the contributors to the 1.3.0 release.

  • Eric Davis
  • Adam Doupé
  • Robert Chady

We would also like to especially thank Adam Doupé for reporting and providing a patch to the potential Execution After Redirect security vulnerability.

Migrating from Redmine

We have tested migrating several different Redmine sites from and have documented an easy upgrade process on our wiki. This release is also compatible with existing Redmine themes and plugins. If you have any questions or need help with the migration, please come by our IRC channel or forums.

What’s Next?

We will be continuing to support the 1.x release series with monthly bug-fix releases until 2.0 is ready. Development on 2.0 is progressing nicely and we might be able to have an early release. 2.0 will include updates to Ruby on Rails (2.3.11), updates to other underlying libraries used by ChiliProject, and some new features. If you’re interested in participating or helping out the development, please leave a comment below or post to our forums.

Download ChiliProject 1.3.0