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Going forward: get involved!

After the dry spell we went through in the last few months, the ChiliProject Team wants to get things going again. We still want to get more people involved in ChiliProject and are looking for ways for the Team to communicate outwards but also for the Community as a whole to better communicate. We’re also going to apply more focus on the technology and code work, which will mean some hard-to-make decisions and harsh cuts, but we think those will help us make better progress now and things easier later.

On the community side of things, we’re going to try having a development and a general mailing list. This might sound like an old idea but that’s one we’ve been discussing on and off since the beginnings of ChiliProject. The biggest concern was that it will split discussions even further than they actually are, but the fact is we don’t have correctly functioning discussions at all at the moment. You can find more arguments in the ChiliProject forums. Anyone interested in discussing things ChiliProject or just following what we’re discussing can get on the chiliproject-devel Google Group. There’s only one list for the moment, should things get too crowded there we’ll open more as needed.

On the code side of things, one thing we learnt the hard way was that we’re too few people for too much work / too many goals. One of our top priorities was trying to decruft the codebase, but we’ve been held back amongst other things by concerns about compatibility (backward, with Redmine, with plugins and so on) and not dropping features even if we don’t think they’re central to ChiliProject. All those things have cost us a lot of time and energy, and we don’t think we can afford that anymore. Current candidates for legacy we’d like to shed are the Darcs adapter and the old Rails 2.3 Engines currently used for ChiliProject plugins, but more on that in an upcoming post.

So those are the things currently on the minds of the ChiliProject Team. If you want to get involved, want to yell at us, tell us that we are wrong or just want to read more about where ChiliProject is headed, sign up to the chiliproject-devel Google Group and chat with us.


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