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Author: Felix

CS student and Ruby- and Rails-wielding web developer by day, shiny rainbow ChiliProject superhero by night. Meet me at the RUG::B and Cologne.rb. Twitter: @thegcat, IRC: #chiliproject thegcat, or Google+.

Team changes

We’re always looking for people helping us to make ChiliProject better and we are lucky to have some great contributors investing their free time to fix bugs and generally improve ChiliProject.

In the last couple of weeks, one contributor stood out in particular as he has been steadily submitting improvements to the user interface part of ChiliProject, sanitizing and modernizing the HTML and JavaScript little by little. We were impressed by his patience and the perseverance he showed when providing his technical knowledge and when including our feedback in the areas he contributes to. Consequently, the ChiliProject team unanimously decided to ask him to join our team of core developers. I am very pleased to welcome Andrew Smith on board and we’re looking forward to working even more closely with him.

Going forward, Andrew plans to finish the migration to jQuery away from Prototype, support a fully responsive design, rewrite the CSS to SASS, and apply a lot more Web 2.x and Rails 3+ buzzwords. You can often find him in the ChiliProject IRC channel as EspadaV8, on Twitter as @EspadaV8 and on GitHub as EspadaV8. In his day job he is a PHP developer for an advertising agency in Brisbane, Australia and aside from working on ChiliProject he spends his free time cycling and reading SciFi and Fantasy.

The other change in the team is about someone several of you have inquired about. Unfortunately, we have to announce that Eric Davis is stepping down as the Project Lead of ChiliProject. He and his his wife had the joy to welcome a new member to their family earlier this year and he doesn’t feel the little time he can spare for ChiliProject will allow him to live up to the role of the Project Lead. Eric won’t leave us completely and will continue to be a member of the ChiliProject team. We all thank him for his hard work and guidance and hope to see his contributions extend again once he can justify it.

The team unanimously elected Holger Just as the new Project Lead. Holger’s primary new reponsibilty is to settle any deadlocks in decision making but he will still be a member among others of the ChiliProject team. Furthermore, his expressed opinions will continue to be only his own unless explicitly stated otherwise. Please read the Project Lead page in the wiki for more information or get in touch with us if some things seem unclear.

ChiliProject 3.3.0 released

ChiliProject 3.3.0 has just been released. It includes some new features and bugfixes for ChiliProject 3.2.2. It is suitable for use on production websites and we recommend that all users download the release as soon as possible.

Download ChiliProject 3.3.0

What’s included

3.3.0 includes 12 bug fixes and 8 features for 3.2.2 and fixes 1 regression introduced in 3.2.0.

The regression fix addresses an issue encountered by some plugins explicitly requiring a vendored gravatar library which was replaced in 3.2.0. Most of the features are Andrew Smith‘s work to move the JavaScript parts of ChiliProject to jQuery and to sanitize the HTML a bit. His most noticeable contribution is the datepicker which will use the “native” browser datepicker where applicable (recent Chrome versions, Opera, mobile browsers, …) and use the jQueryUI datepicker elsewhere. Thanks a lot Andrew!

New to the ChiliProject “ecosystem” are also a Chef Cookbook and a Vagrant file. Chef is a configuration management software, with it and the ChiliProject Chef Cookbook you can deploy, install, and update ChiliProject instances and the software it depends on quickly and effortlessly. Vagrant is a virtual machine management and control software, with the ChiliProject Vagrant file you can download, provision, configure and start a VM with ChiliProject installed in 4 commands. Please note though that both projects are still at their beginnings, make sure to read their READMEs carefully before using them in critical environments.

The full list of changes:

  • Bug #935: Serialization problem in Setting model
  • Bug #944: Engines::Testing.set_fixture_path appends array to $LOAD_PATH in Ruby 1.9
  • Bug #952: Engines tests are broken in current versions of Ruby
  • Bug #979: Register / Login not available if authentication required
  • Bug #1050: Create vagrant file/chef cookbook
  • Bug #1051: HTML tag should use users language
  • Bug #1063: Hover on even table rows doesn’t highlight
  • Bug #1067: Upgrade 20100714111653_build_initial_journals_for_acts_as_journalized.rb crashed with method_missing “repo_log_encoding”
  • Bug #1070: Re-compress all the image assets
  • Bug #1074: Rake tasks of plugins in vendor/chiliproject_plugins are not loaded
  • Bug #1075: Can no longer render unordered lists within ordered lists
  • Bug #1078: “incompatible character encoding” with LDAP auth
  • Feature #817: Replace the current custom datepicker with the one shipped with jQuery UI
  • Feature #1017: Custom style (css) per project
  • Feature #1018: Switch to an HTML5 doctype
  • Feature #1046: Enable use of the “<<me>>” operator when querying custom fields
  • Feature #1054: Include modernizr JS
  • Feature #1055: Add a today variable to liquid
  • Feature #1056: Replace the table soup progress bars with HTML5 meters
  • Feature #1076: Update jQuery libraries to their latest version

Contributors to 3.3.0

  • Andrew Smith
  • Felix Schäfer
  • Gregor Schmidt
  • Harald Klimach
  • Holger Just
  • Jan Vlnas
  • Jean-Philippe Lang
  • Romano Licker
  • Steffen Schüssler

In closing, go and download ChiliProject 3.3.0 now.

ChiliProject 3.2.1 released

A regression has made its way into ChiliProject 3.2.0 causing avatars to always be displayed at the default 80×80 pixel size rather than the sizes defined in the views. ChiliProject 3.2.1 has been released to fix this regression. This update is fully compatible with and recommended for all users of ChiliProject 3.2.0.

Many thanks to Alf Gaida for reporting this issue to us so quickly!

Download ChiliProject 3.2.1

What’s included

3.2.1 fixes 1 regression introduced in 3.2.0:

Contributors to 3.2.1

  • Felix Schäfer

ChiliProject.org migrates to a new host

ChiliProject.org will be migrated to a new host starting Tuesday 29-05-2012 11:00 UTC, the site might be unavailable for minutes at a time, please plan accordingly. You might experience some connection issues for a few hours until the DNS update has propagated through the network. Please contact us (for example on Twitter: @ChiliProject) should any problems persist.

Our thanks go to Muntek Singh (aka Khalsa/@SikhNerd) for providing the hosting for ChiliProject.org since its launch 16 months ago!

Update (28-05-2012): we had to move the host migration from 6:30 UTC to 11:00 UTC, sorry for any inconvenience this might cause. The above post has been updated accordingly.

Update (29-05-2012): the migration went through smoothly and the DNS records should be updated now, please contact us if you still notice strange things, thanks!