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Month: January 2013


So the last 6 months happened. Many of you rightly noted that ChiliProject development halted to near nothingness in that time and Holger and I are not only very sorry but also feel guilty about that (anyone who wants to know why one can feel guilty about a voluntary contribution, go read the excellent article Open Source Guilt & Passion by Nick of 37signals). I’m writing this post to try to explain what happened in that time. It’s not meant as an excuse, rather it’s a retrospective to try to avoid this in the future, ideas welcome. We’re also working on getting the ball rolling again, but more on that in a coming blogpost.

One thing that took a lot or time in the past months was University. Holger actually is not a student anymore as he finished his thesis and graduated as a Master in Software Engineering last summer, congrats for that! I don’t have as much to show for it but between work and studies, the time I had left for ChiliProject was little and far between.

Speaking of work, the more important change in our time for ChiliProject went down in October and November. Those of you on board with us since the beginning might remember that we started ChiliProject backed by our then employer finnlabs. finnlabs made several contributions in the months following that, including the current design (thanks for that!), but the way those contributions were made didn’t correspond to what ChiliProject expected. The passing months only went to show that the way Holger, Eric and I envisioned Open Source for ChiliProject wasn’t compatible to the type of Open Source work finnlabs was willing to do, ultimately leading to finnlabs working on their own fork of ChiliProject (rebranded since then). Holger’s and my growing frustration with finnlabs also lead us to quit finnlabs, and we started working with Plan.io since October and November 2012 (you can read Holger’s and my introductory blog posts on the Plan.io blog). Our current work at Plan.io consists of Redmine hosting and development, so we’re still pretty near to what we’re doing here 🙂

Now that the dust has mostly settled over our job and company changes, we’re looking forward to working again on ChiliProject, but as mentioned earlier, that’s for another blog post!