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ChiliProject.org migrates to a new host

ChiliProject.org will be migrated to a new host starting Tuesday 29-05-2012 11:00 UTC, the site might be unavailable for minutes at a time, please plan accordingly. You might experience some connection issues for a few hours until the DNS update has propagated through the network. Please contact us (for example on Twitter: @ChiliProject) should any problems persist.

Our thanks go to Muntek Singh (aka Khalsa/@SikhNerd) for providing the hosting for ChiliProject.org since its launch 16 months ago!

Update (28-05-2012): we had to move the host migration from 6:30 UTC to 11:00 UTC, sorry for any inconvenience this might cause. The above post has been updated accordingly.

Update (29-05-2012): the migration went through smoothly and the DNS records should be updated now, please contact us if you still notice strange things, thanks!