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Chili Cupcake

ChiliProject 3.0.0 released

Chili Cupcake

Almost to the day one year after the first announcement of ChiliProject we are proud to announce the final 3.0.0 release of ChiliProject.

A birthday party is always very exciting, especially the very first one. We have achieved a lot in this year and we have seen a steady stream of new users and contributors to the project. We received great feedback from many people running ChiliProject for their small and medium projects as well as from people running very large instances like the KDE Projects site which hosts Git repositories and provides project management for thousands of developers in the various KDE subprojects.

This release marks a new height as we finally release the long awaited new look-and-feel (new desgin, better usability) into the wild. While we are always working on improving the user experience, this release lays the foundation for the future of ChiliProject.

In ChiliProject 3.0, we introduce a flexible templating system called Liquid. Liquid integration gives users and developers new ways to work with content from various sources and provides the foundation for unprecedented customization options and dynamic content without forcing users to write or deploy Ruby code.

Finally, ChiliProject 3.0 comes with a huge stack of smaller improvements making it more flexible, easy and fun to use.

We are very happy about what we have achieved this past year and confidently look forward to a very bright future.

Download ChiliProject 3.0.0

With this release, the 2.x branch enters maintenance mode. From now on until the release of 4.0.0 (planned for this summer), the 2.x branch will receive security updates only. The final regular version of the 2.x branch is 2.7.0 which was released today.

The old ChiliProject 1.x branch will be considered unsupported from now on. We will not provide any new patches or releases for it. We strongly advise users still running ChiliProject 1.x to update to ChiliProject 3.0.0.

What’s included

3.0.0 includes 24 new features and 15 bugfixes over 2.7.0. It includes all bug fixes and features of the 2.7.0 release.

The full list of changes is below:

Contributors to 3.0.0

  • elm
  • Eric Davis
  • Felix Schäfer
  • Gregor Schmidt
  • Holger Just
  • Jérôme BATAILLE
  • Johannes Wollert
  • Kornelius Kalnbach
  • Moritz Breit
  • Romano Licker
  • Spencer Markowski
  • Toshi MARUYAMA
  • And everyone I forgot… You are all awesome!


The upgrade and installation documentation has already been updated for 3.0.0. The update from 2.x to 3.0.0 will be very smooth as we changed very little of the underlying data-storage compared to the previous 2.0.0 release.

Nevertheless, we strongly encourage you to have a full backup in place before starting the upgrade. We do our best to make it a safe experience but there is always the possibility of uncovering yet hidden bugs.

What’s next?

This is the first release in our 3.x series which we will fully support with monthly bugfix releases until the next major ChiliProject version which is due around July 2012. The big goals for that major release are the upgrade to Rails 3.x and the further modularization of ChiliProject.

If you’re interested in participating or contributing to ChiliProject, please leave a comment below or post to our forums. We would love to have your help in polishing the usability or adding exciting new features. Once the upgrade process to Rails 3 has started, we will need as many tester as we can get to iron out the bumps along the way. If you are interested in helping us, just speak up.

In closing, go and download ChiliProject 3.0.0 now.

ChiliProject 2.7.0 released

ChiliProject 2.7.0 has just been released. It includes some new features and bugfixes for ChiliProject 2.6.0. It is suitable for use on production websites.

This is the last regular release of the 2.x series of ChiliProject. With the final 3.0.0 release today, the 2.x branch enters maintenance mode. We will only provide security updates for it until the release of 4.0.0 planned for summer. The old ChiliProject 1.x branch will be considered unsupported from now on. We will not provide any new patches or releases for it. Users still running ChiliProject 1.x are strongly advised to update to ChiliProject 3.0.0.

Download ChiliProject 2.7.0

What’s included

2.7.0 includes 8 bug fixes for 2.6.0. None of the bug fixes is security related.

User running 2.6.0 are encouraged to updated as the previous 2.6.0 release contained a regression which prevented ChiliProject from using the correct Rails environment when used with certain application servers and environments.

The full list of changes is below:

  • Bug #593: Notification Mail for Wiki-Changes has wrong Diff
  • Bug #775: Activity view too verbose
  • Bug #819: RAILS_ENV is not properly set if running under thin
  • Bug #822: Initial journal creation fails because of the missing log_encoding of Repositories
  • Bug #823: Plugin in new directory not picking up Gemfile
  • Bug #839: ruby-debug19 breaks on Ruby 1.9.3
  • Bug #849: Prefix parameter of thin is not working
  • Bug #857: Gemfile has an non ASCII character

What’s Next?

This release marks the end of the 2.x release cycle. Effective immediately the 2.x branch will enter maintenance mode and will only receive security updates until the release of 4.0.0 around July 2012.

With the release of 3.0.0 today the 1.x branch will stop to be supported at all. We will not issue and more releases, bugfixes or security patches for this branch anymore. If you are still using ChiliProject 1.x, you are strongly advised to upgrade to 3.0.0 as soon as possible.

In closing, go and download ChiliProject 2.7.0 now.